Expert Tips for Winter Hairstyles and Hair Maintenance

Winter has arrived, and as the temperature decreases, so does the health of your hair.

But here’s the thing: just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your hair has to suffer. You should take care of it during the winter months to keep it looking and feeling great.

We take a look at some of the more popular hairstyles this season, top hair maintenance tips, and how Salt Salon & Spa hair salon near Louisville, KY can help you achieve them.

5 Winter Hairstyles to Survive the Cold Weather

For many of us, the winter weather can be brutal and cause us to bundle up for the season. When this happens, we often feel like hiding our hair under hoodies and scarves.

However, there are some ways you can transform your hair from your regular look to a winter hairstyle that works in any weather.

Here are five hairstyles you can try this winter to help your hair survive the cold season.

1. Darker Hair Color

Winter is the perfect time to try a darker shade of your natural hair color. You can dye your hair with a color that’s closer to your natural tone or a shade that complements your skin tone.

Because hair dyeing with darker colors adds more pigment to the strands, this process is less damaging than when lighter shades are used.

Darker shades also give off a feeling of warmth and coziness, while helping you hide any greys and unblended roots, so your hair will look even more natural and vibrant.

For your hair-dying process, we recommend Aveda’s Full Spectrum™ Color which gives you long-lasting color and leaves your hair free from damage.

2. Dark Highlights

Another great way to add some flair and dimension to your winter ‘do is by adding dark highlights. This will help make your hair pop against the often dreary and drab environment of winter.

Dark highlights also give your hair an extra boost of color for those days when you’re feeling less than excited about having to bundle up in layers of clothing!

3. Growing Hair Out Longer

If you’re looking for something low-maintenance that will still look stylish, consider growing out your bangs or letting them grow long enough to put into a ponytail or braid—and then just wear them down all winter long!

Long hair also helps keep moisture in your strands so they don’t dry out as much or break off easily during this time of year.

4. Braids

Braids are an easy way to keep your hair out of your face and still look cute. They work well as a partial updo or as a full updo with lots of texture and volume.

They are also great for protective styling because they’re low maintenance, help prevent breakage and help seal in moisture during the dry winter months.

5. Buns

Buns are another classic winter hairstyle that will keep your hair under control without sacrificing style points—they’re perfect for those days when you need an easy way to tame your locks before heading out into the cold.

Try tying your hair up in a loose bun to prevent breakage, lock in moisture, and maintain healthy hair.

How to Manage Your Hair in the Winter

Winter weather can be rough on your hair. The cold, dry air and dry indoor heating can create a lot of damage.

However, with the right products and techniques, winter can actually be a great time for your hair.

We’ve put together six tips for winter hair care so you can keep your locks looking their best all season long:

1. Use a Hair Mask

Hair masks are a great way to pamper your hair during the winter months. They help you keep your hair healthy and strong, while also adding extra hydration and nutrients.

You can use them as often as you like, but once or twice a week is recommended for the best results.

Salt’s Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque and Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Masque bring back moisture into your locks—while treating and repairing even the most compromised strands.

2. Avoid Heat Styling Tools

Avoid heat-styling tools like flat irons and curling wands as much as possible; they can dry out your locks, making them weak and brittle over time.

If you must use one, make sure to use a heat protectant or try using them on low heat settings—so you don’t fry away all that precious moisture! And if your hair already has heat damage, Salt Salon’s Botanical Repair treatment will do wonders for your hair!

3. Deep Condition Your Hair

This is another important step in keeping your hair healthy during the winter months. Use a deep conditioning treatment every time you wash your hair (at least once per week) to keep it hydrated, nourished, and protected from damage.

Salt Salon’s Dry Remedy Penetrating Treatment, and Damage Remedy Protein Treatment are sure to keep your hair healthy and damage-free all through the season!

What’s more, the Pramasana Scalp Treatment keeps your scalp clean and balanced while gently exfoliating it.

4. Don’t Wash Too Often

It might sound counterintuitive but washing your hair every day will actually cause more damage than good during this time of year! Too much washing strips your hair of its natural oils which are vital for keeping it moisturized and healthy.

5. Make Hair Oil Your Friend

Another great way to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy is by using a few drops of oil every now and then when it feels dry or damaged.

Using almond oil or coconut oil on damp hair before blow drying it off—will help keep frizz at bay while also giving your locks extra shine!

6. Cover It Up

If you’re going to be outside for an extended period, consider using a scarf or hat to protect it from getting too dry and brittle from the harsh elements. A silk/satin-lined hat will further protect your hair against friction.

Look Good for the Cold Season With Salt Salon and Spa Hair Services in Mt. Washington, KY

You know that cold weather can wreak havoc on your hair. Dry air and harsh wind can lead to dry and brittle strands that are prone to breakage. And if you’re not careful, this could mean a lot of damage over the course of the season—and maybe even beyond.

Salt Salon and Spa offers professional hair services in Mt. Washington, KY, and the Louisville area to get your locks back to tip-top shape. Our products are specifically formulated to repair, maintain and enrich your hair, so you can get that healthy look all over again.

What’s more, our trained experts have extensive experience and can talk you through the right treatment plan for your specific hair needs and lifestyle.

Contact one of our hair professionals today to schedule an appointment.