What Can You Do to Fix Damaged Hair?

Trying new things with your hair can be so much fun. There are so many things to do these days, and they’re accessible to almost everyone. You can curl or straighten your hair. You can dye it in virtually any color you can think of. You can change your style day-to-day to suit your personality. 

While changing up your hair is fun, not all of these processes are particularly kind to your hair. Over-styling, overdying, over-bleaching, and, generally, adding too many chemicals, too much heat, and too much tension on your hair can be damaging. Over time, your hair may become dry, brittle, and damaged. 

Thankfully, you can do things to both prevent future damage and reverse the damage you already have. Let’s take a look at some of the easy ways you can make amends with your locks.

Lower Your Tools’ Temperature

We all love our heat tools. Whether it’s our curling iron, flat iron, or our blow dryer, these magic wands bring us from looking like we just rolled out of bed to the queens we are, ready to take on the world (at least, after we’ve had our coffee). The truth is, though, using heat is tough on your hair. Heat causes damage, including dryness, split ends, and brittleness. 

There is a common denominator with damage, though. Most people simply turn their heat tool settings up too high. Now, you may worry that it needs to be that high to achieve the desired result. However, if your hair isn’t very thick or coarse, a mid-range temperature will work just fine. If you’re not sure what temperature is right for your hair, we’ve got a little secret for you that never fails: ask your stylist. It’s their job to make sure your hair is healthy and that you’re happy with your locks, so don’t be afraid to ask questions about how to do your doo.

Give your hair a break from the heat when you can. There are plenty of air-dry tools out there that help you achieve your style while avoiding the heat. 

Make sure you use a heat protection product on your hair when you use heat, as it will help protect your hair from thermal damage (and enhance your shine).

Be Gentle with Wet Hair

Your hair is most vulnerable when it is wet. If your wet hair is fine, fragile, or curly, it’s more likely to be damaged. So be careful with it.

Don’t ever run a brush through wet hair unless the brush is specifically made for wet hair. Professionals generally recommend a wide-tooth comb for detangling. 

When exiting the shower, gently blot your hair with a fluffy towel, microfiber cloth, or soft t-shirt. You will avoid friction by doing this (friction is hard on your hair). 

Don’t use elastic bands on your hair while it’s wet, either. Elastic bands can put stress on your hair and ultimately cause breakage. 

Hair Masks are Your Friends

Hair masks are fantastic for your hair. They are highly concentrated with moisturizing and reparative ingredients. These include oils, vitamins, and natural elements. Masks are also much thicker than regular conditioners, so they stay on your hair when applied. Therefore, the ingredients can sink deep into your hair, filling the gaps developing on the surface of damaged hair. 

Masks also keep working long after you rinse them. 

The best mask for you is going to be specific for your hair type. Color-treated, unruly, or coarse hair are some examples of needs that different mask types will cater to. Ask your stylist what they recommend and use the mask according to their instructions (typically about twice a week). Give it time to do its magic, too. Typically, the more time it’s spent inside your hair, the more benefits you’ll endure. However, this rule changes dramatically if you are using a keratin mask or treatment, so make sure you follow instructions carefully.

Utilize Leave-In Treatments

Leave-in hair conditioners and treatments work to protect your hair from wash to wash. These products are matched to your hair type. 

If you use a leave-in for brightly colored hair, it will likely contain UV protection so that the color won’t fade as quickly. For unruly, frizzy hair, a leave-in will add moisture to smooth out your hair and give it the oils and nutrients it needs. 

You should apply leave-in treatments to damp hair (not soaked) and gently comb it through your hair with a wide-tooth comb to spread it evenly. 

Consider Professional Treatments

At-home treatments are incredible, but just like many other things in life, the professionals get the professional-grade goods. Professional treatments performed in a salon hold the greatest concentration of ingredients. These treatments are suitable for any type of hair damage and can work magic on your lived-in locks. Your stylist can add these treatments right after they shampoo your hair, and the effects are often visible the same day. 

Seal Your Bonds

Chemical changes inherently impart some damage. When your hair is colored or lightened, some minor damage is always a possibility. Hair color and lighteners need to loosen the structural bonds of your hair to work correctly. If your hair bonds don’t seal properly, your hair becomes vulnerable to damage. 

Your stylist can add bond-preserving formulas to your hair color or lightener. Adding these formulas helps prevent bond destruction and keeps your hair stronger. These products help prevent future damage as well. Bond treatments are considered game-changers by those who obtain them frequently and can save your hair when you choose to go blonde or bust 

Schedule Your Appointment

If your usually luscious locks are looking a little worse for the wear, it’s time to give them some love. Unless you have a time machine, you can’t undo damage once it’s done. But you can change your hair-care habits and give your hair some extra love.

If you’re tired of fighting with your hair, and that daily blow-dry, curl, or flat iron only seems to make things worse, it’s time to talk. 
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