What Exactly is a Keratin Hair Treatment?

Are you fighting a never-ending battle with frizzy hair and looking for a longer-lasting solution? If you are, you’re not alone. Frizzy hair can be a real pain, but there is an option that can help you tame the frizz.

Keratin hair treatments have become a popular way to smooth frizzy hair for longer. Keratin treatments can make hair look and feel smoother for months at a time, making them popular with busy people who don’t have time to do battle with frizzy hair.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution for frizzy hair, a keratin hair treatment could be the perfect solution. Here’s what you need to know about keratin hair treatments.

So What Exactly is Keratin Hair Treatment?

A Keratin hair treatment is a chemical hair treatment that smooths frizzy hair. Unlike other chemical straightening treatments, keratin hair treatments are temporary and last up to five months. Once the treatment fades, your hair returns to its previous texture.

Keratin hair treatments work by forcing keratin, an essential hair protein, into the porous areas of your hair follicles. This coats and seals the hair follicle, making hair look shiny and lustrous. 

Unlike chemical straighteners, which relax the bonds in curly or wavy hair to make it lie flat, keratin treatments fill in porous parts of the hair to smooth it out. Keratin hair treatments can make hair appear healthier and stronger, with improved texture and shine.

How Are Keratin Hair Treatments Applied?

The application process is relatively simple, but it can be a time-consuming process. First, your stylist washes your hair. Then, they apply a keratin hair treatment solution to each strand. Some stylists may prefer to dry the hair first, but either way, the solution stays on your hair for a while. 

Afterwards, your stylist will seal the treatment into the hair with a flat iron. The entire process can take a few hours, so you’ll need to plan your visit accordingly. How long this process takes depends on the thickness, texture, and length of your hair as well as the formula the stylist is using.

Benefits of Keratin Hair Treatments

Many people who have keratin hair treatments done do so for two reasons. First of all, the treatment can provide results that last for months, making it easier to manage and style your hair.

The second reason many choose keratin treatments is that the treatments don’t permanently alter the structure of the hair follicles. This means that your natural hair texture isn’t changed or damaged by the treatment.

Keratin treatments leave hair looking shiny and healthy, and keep it manageable. Because keratin is found naturally in your hair and nails, the treatment works with your hair’s natural structure to make it stronger and more resistant to damage.

Are There Any Negatives to Keratin Hair Treatments?

While keratin treatments provide excellent results, there are tradeoffs to trading your frizz for beautiful, manageable hair. First, as we mentioned before, the process can take up to several hours to complete, depending on how frizzy, thick, or long your hair is.

Keratin treatments can also be rather expensive, costing upwards of $250 or more. The more hair you have, the more the treatment will cost, so for those with long hair looking for an inexpensive way to get shiny, smooth hair, a keratin treatment isn’t it. However, since the results can last for several months, the cost is offset by the benefits for most.

Although keratin treatments are long-lasting, they’re not permanent. However, even chemical straighteners aren’t permanent, since new hair that grows in retains the original wavy/curly texture. The truth is no treatment is permanent, and drastically changing your hair in any way will be an ongoing process that requires substantial investment.

Aftercare for Keratin Treated Hair

Because keratin treatments aren’t permanent, they’ll eventually fade from your hair. To make the effects of the treatment last longer, you should heed some aftercare tips.

  • Avoid excessive exposure to pool or seawater, which can break down the treatment faster.
  • Don’t wash or style your hair for at least 24 hours after the treatment, possibly longer. Your stylist will tell you exactly how long to wait, depending on the treatment you receive.
  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner after having a keratin hair treatment. These hair products are gentler on your hair and won’t strip away the treatment like other products will.

Can Anyone Get a Keratin Hair Treatment?

Pregnant women are typically advised to avoid keratin hair treatments because of the risk of exposure to the chemicals in the treatment. Those with color-treated hair can still have keratin treatments done, though the treatments can affect the look of your colored hair.

Before you book a keratin hair treatment, it’s best to book a consultation with your stylist first to determine the type of treatment that will work best with your hair.

Treat Yourself to Gorgeous Hair

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